Now Actors - Zohra Bednarz
Now Actors - Zohra Bednarz
Now Actors - Zohra Bednarz
Now Actors - Zohra Bednarz

Zohra Bednarz

Zohra Bednarz is an ambitious, dedicated teenager with a bubbly personality. Zohra began singing and dancing at the age of 3 and has since stayed on that path and grown into a passionate artist.

She was born and raised in Sydney with a strong mindset for the arts and commits herself to making the most of every opportunity and talent she is capable of. Zohra performs at events regularly in the Sydney region and has since gained a role in vocal teaching to younger children at IC Academy of Dance & Arts. Over the years she has trained and worked with industry teachers and artists who have encouraged her to perfect the craft of singing, dancing & acting.

Zohra has appeared in TVC’s including the ‘Daily Mail’ and ‘Woolworths’. She has a unique and burning passion for all things theatre and film related and loves giving personality to the cameras. Zohra is determined to continue working and evolving her artistic skills as she continues her training and dedicated practise within her arts.




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