Now Actors - Ollie Fennell
Now Actors - Ollie Fennell
Now Actors - Ollie Fennell
Now Actors - Ollie Fennell
Now Actors - Ollie Fennell
Now Actors - Ollie Fennell

Ollie Fennell

Ollie is a very bright and active eleven year old. He has always had a passion for entertaining and making people laugh. Ollie is born and raised in Western Australia, and enjoys spending time outside. Ollie is a very active child, who loves to play AFL football, bush walk, cycle and swim and practice his parkour and ninja skills.
Ollie has been taking acting classes for the last year, as well as taking part in drama classes and performing arts at school, and summer school programmes at WAAPA. Ollie has performed at the Regal theatre as part of a large stage show for Wakakirri in 2017, 2018 and 2019. With the 2017 compilation winning a number of awards. He has also taken part in “One Big Voice” group choir at the RAC Arena in Perth in 2017 and 2018.
Ollie has recently appeared as an extra in a GBD Lifestyle commercial, filmed in Western Australia, as well as an extra in two recently filmed WAAPA short films. He has also had a speaking role in an online educational video Bullying Is Not Okay produced by Ready-Ed.
Ollie has an easy-going nature and is always willing to help. His smile and good humour is infectious. Ollie hopes to continue his dream of working on stage and in front of the camera as he matures, and hopes to continue studying drama both in and out of school.





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