Now Actors - Georgio Vogiatzakis
Now Actors - Georgio Vogiatzakis
Now Actors - Georgio Vogiatzakis

Georgio Vogiatzakis

When Georgio enters a room, his energy is felt. His commanding presence is attributed to his warmth, smile and passion. He is tall for his age and built solidly. He has a love for Rugby and music. Georgio has a flair for the creative arts and is a highly self motivated individual, driven to achieve success in all he undertakes. He embraces adventure and seeks them out, which has resulted in a confident, self assured, young man, who can ride a motorcycle, drive a car and command a stage. Georgio has had experience in acting both on stage and film, in and out of school. His confidence, passionate and energetic personality, make him an extremely popular teen.





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