Now Actors - David Beard
Now Actors - David Beard
Now Actors - David Beard
Now Actors - David Beard

David Beard

David works as an Exercise Physiologist and has a commitment to helping people achieve the best possible health and wellbeing. Needless to say, he keeps himself fit and healthy. (it’s part of the job description).

He specializes in metabolic health, working with people with diabetes, fatty liver or needing to lose weight.

As a retired triathlete, David still enjoys cycling and swimming on a regular basis with the occasional run thrown in. He also spends time in his home gym keeping himself strong enough to do the things he wants.

David has an Honours’ degree from the University of Western Australia, a Graduate Diploma of Business from Edith Cowan university and a Masters’ Degree from The University of Arizona. As a life-long learner he continues to study and read about metabolic health, nutrition and exercise.

In his free time David enjoys surfing, camping and spending time with is family.




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