Now Actors - Elliot Kerdel

Elliot Kerdel

I have been in the performing arts industry since 2005.

I have loved the creative arts industry ever since because of the freedom of expression and the ability to perform and challenge my comfort zone as a person.

During my time in the performing arts industry, I have been partaking in sports as well such as Soccer, AFL, Boxing, Kick Boxing and Basketball.

I also have keen interests in very scientific areas such as biology, psychology and physics.

I have a great fitness background which means that I am up to the challenge of strenuous exercise.

During school, I have been producing school videos and making my own actor’s content during and after my time in school.
From my experience as a producer and actor over the years I understand the need to ultimate professionalism in order to make a production schedule meet its expectations.

I enjoy the work I do because of the multitude of challenges I face having the ability to grow as a person and a professional.

This is all from having the best mentors in sports and drama classes which has enabled me to know how to be the best actor on set and take instructions at a very high level.

I spent time developing in my sports and acting background in Australia and in the USA frequently, you will be able to see more when you refer to my actor’s resume.

I believe that I have learned a lot from being multi-disciplined in two extraordinary fields, with my experience on sets and as a high level athlete.

I pride myself on exceptional professionalism which can be helpful when dealing with high level clients.

I love my work and all that I take part in, my past and future is built by giving and adding value in my connections.

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