Now Actors - Simay Argento
Now Actors - Simay Argento
Now Actors - Simay Argento

Simay Argento

A all-rounder, versatile, passionate, ambitious, dedicated, and driven professional. Simay Argento started dancing and began her journey in the arts/entertainment field at an early age. Raised and brought up as a young girl, admiring her father and following in his footsteps, who was also a entertainer/performer back in the day.

She is born and raised in Melbourne, Australia with a mixed European background. The down to earth artist who has made the most of every role and opportunity with a focused and committed presence. Simay has recently furthered her experience in the performing arts at APO Arts Academy know as (Dance World Studios) completing a part time musical theatre course. Once had completed she then felt it was time to expand and show variety/range within her background. She then commenced acting classes with (Melbourne Actors Lab) and had completed this course over 2 years.

Simay has been a strong and consistent presence throughout the years, performing in a large amount of public crowd, in both dance and acting performances. Within the last few years, whilst networking with fellow students, friends and industry professionals, she has trained with industry teachers and artists, who have encouraged her to perfect the craft of acting. Simay has appeared in many TVC’s including popular tv soap series “Neighbours” and a recent Australian film production “The Whistleblower”. She has a unique passion for Acting, Dance and Modelling.

Simay is determined to continue and pursue her acting as she continues, for upcoming productions and projects this year. She is planning to visit and travel to America in 2021, this is crucial and important to her, as she feels doors are awaiting for her. She’s always believed in “Whatever your heart desires, continue working hard and keeping pushing forward no matter what. Love what you do and the rest will flow.”

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